Find out who’s behind New Crystal Home…


The leading light behind New Crystal Homes is Nadya Raikova who has an impressive background in the hospitality industry – and when she ran a prestigious hotel in her native Bulgaria, she developed a sharp eye and high standards when it comes to providing clients with a top class service!

But it was love that brought her to the UK nearly five years ago – and together with her partner, she now runs New Crystal Home and its sister organisation, New Crystal Offices.

Based in Chester, Nadya and her ever expanding team offer a unique service when it comes to domestic cleaning and “house- keeping” services – and it was a couple of delighted clients who persuaded her a while back to set up an office cleaning team too.

But Nadya’s experience in the hotel industry didn’t just give her training in top level client service – it also proved to her the importance of recruiting the right people for the job!

Now, every member of Nadya’s workforce is not only thoroughly vetted – but they’re also fully trained to her impeccably high standards.  And it’s testimony to  Nadya’s style that the people she’s recruited are loyal – unlike many in the industry, she treats her people well – and just as importantly, her clients are not only delighted with the service but they repeatedly recommend her to others too.

Nadya’s  team focus on providing quality, trust and confidentiality.  Find out how she and the team at New Crystal Home can give you the housekeeping services you need by contacting: